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Originally Posted by Purple Derple View Post
I think you mostly don't hear from smart people in these kinds of debates because smart people recognize the futility.
The problem is that those who spew hypocritical, incorrect garbage to mislead others are counting on that very thing (apathy, indifference) to allow them to continue to have a dangerous influence on the many others in the world who are ignorant or choose to not think or investigate things for themselves.

You may not change the mind of the person you are debating with (likely not), but you could have a positive (or at least informative) influence on someone else who it reading it.

Yes, the path of least resistance is to do nothing and claim futility when you see someone trying hard to spread falsehoods, or suppress the truth or the facts. Problem is, many others will believe it, act accordingly, and that leads to bad outcomes. There is nothing wrong with calling someone out when you know they are wrong.

Sure, you can argue that they wouldnt say anything in person, because of fear of physical reprisals, and while true, think about it: that's no different at all from an employee saying they wont blow the whistle on their boss for fear of being fired. Thats not a GOOD thing, or a situation that one should strive to maintain.

Internet forums provide an outlet for the truth to be heard, or debated, or at least discussed, without fear of reprisal. That is a good thing.

I may not agree with something you say, but the second I say that you dont have a right to say it in some way, that is the beginning of the end.....