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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
Haha glad to see there are others on the same boat. I've done little things to my M3 that I can actually enjoy everyday. Did the ZHP knob (from previous car so it's free), rep ZCP splitters (a must IMHO) and bypass OEM exhaust mod. Oh and a $700 throttle actuator. So I'm out for a while.

What I REALLY want are 19" MORR V8.2. Needless to say, I can't justify buying one of those yet when I have to spend a few thousand overhauling the E30

Still love my M3 though. I was just thinking this morning there's no other car I'd really want other than the new M6. But in terms of reliability, looks, performance, sound, it's the perfect car for me right now. So I'm more than happy with it.
LOL if i had an e30 m3, the e92 will be my daily and prolly not get my attention for awhile since all my money would prolly go into the e30... e30 m3 is my dream, car...
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