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Just got my car back from the dealer after asking the to update all software in my car. Below is the status of the software in the car:

CAS 9226238 9287535 61297
DME/DDE 7844091 7848139 4048
EGS/SMG 7844334 7847868 3534
DSC 7844050 7846816 2766
DWA 9200943 9244134 43191
PDC 9225824 9252638 26814
KOMBI 7844321 7844314 -7 ???

I'm puzzled about the KOMBI section. This was downgraded? Dealer does not know and I'm anxious to find the answer. Hopefully someone on this board knows why this has happened?

Improvements because of the update;

Idrive is much more responsive (espacially my big Ipod collection loads 3x faster)
Better cold start. The extreme lag when switching from reverse to 1st gear is gone. It's still there but noticably shorter.
It appears to pull a little harder but I have not measured this with dyno.

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