Thread: EVO X or STI?
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I dont know much about the STI but I owned and X and traded it in for an 09 335i after about a year of ownership. I loved the X for what it is; a purpose built race/rally car. It made great power with simple bolts and the stock turbo. I dynoed 350whp/tq w just a DP and Perrin drop in filter. But coming from onwing a couple Audis prior my expectations for the GSR were too high. The GSR's interior particulalry the seats sucked. By this I mean Mitsu cut corners when upholstering the seats. They stapled parts of the seams and the were also coming out the seat. I did not expect this of Recaro seating. But the seats themselves were plenty comfortable and ergonomic at least for me. My only other gripe was the mpg. Granted I had the car protuned with almost every bolt on. Even with the stock turbo the MPG was horrid. Mitsu should have added a 6th gear to the GSR. My car was an 08 and at the time there wasnt the option to add the leather seats found in the MR. The other nagging thing about the X was the thin paint. The paint was so thin and it flakes on the front bumper. I had it repainted after 1 winter. If the seats were better quality and the gearbox had an additional gear I would have kept it. But then again i was getting tired of the fanboy attraction and every TOM, Dick, and Harry wanting to race when I pulled out from driveway.