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Putcha ang ganda...
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Originally Posted by Alex07M3 View Post
oh, I think you're doin it again(being a smart ass)!
Originally Posted by Alex07M3 View Post
and again

is your life that miserable, to spend so much time tryin to make the OP look bad instead of just making small effort by answering his question or even easier, pass your way and don't be a jerk!

his question was legit and as you can see, everyone but you gave him a legit answer!

to OP: My M3 is an 08, I have 45k miles, my car has a VT1 and my clutch still feels like new and I'm at the drag strip at least once a month, I think the clutch is not an issue on these cars!

I am not trying to make anyone look or sound bad.. its a fawkin FORUM for quite out loud.. get over it.. not trying to please anyone here ... i speak my mind... all i said is to search.. .and he called me a smart ass.. so ill be one..

There is no LEGIT answer to the questions... no one really knows when the clutch will go out... i have 75k miles and mine still drives like new... I know a guy that replaced his with 35k... and another at 90k plus... and they all say minor track times and normal daily driving... also bimmerforum guys has 130k plus probably at 150 now and still original clutch. so LEGIT? dont think so... like i said its how you drive. some people say they drive like a grandma but in the end they dont know how to drive a stick so clutch went off at 30k ... so no one really knows to this question.

OH my life is just wonderful btw... i feel like this everyday

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