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Originally Posted by CCLSVTM3 View Post
I have the mod. I had all four perf sections cut out and the muffler shop who did mine only charged me $240 but I also tiped him $40.... Try some other places. I love the mod. Sounds perfect IMO...

Had an axle back Magnaflow exhuast I got for a $1000, lightweight and manf claimed +16 HP. I hated the drone... The OEM sounds so much better with no drone, but I'm sure no + in HP...

So keep looking but dont spend $500....
I did all 4 pipes also for $250. Great sound when you want it and quiet when you don't. No drone at all.

OP, If you want your car to look and sound stock but alittle louder and deeper with no drone, do this mod. I love it. If you want much louder with very little drone look up ACM Mod they are doing them over in AUTOcouture Motoring in Fair Lawn, NJ. You can drive over there.

$500 is high in my opinion.