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Congrats for first in line for Oz. My dealer expects the dealer demo cars out by mid Oct (and there is a M3 drive day in Brisbane planned for that week, assume same for other states) and first orders soon to follow. I'll have to wait a lot longer, ETA February but might be quicker as I want a manual. Be sure to post your impressions when it arrives.

I have been tossing up between a loaded 335 with mods or a M3. Initial impressions is that the M3 was way more expensive and not good value but now that I can see the M3 will have all the options I would have added as extras on the 335 the value looks better. The resale potential and the uniqueness of the M3 (at least for a while in the Oz market) are also factors to consider when looking at the sticker price.

I have the new M3 Australian brochure that just arrived, inclusions that are extra on a 335 coupe but included in an Australian M3:
- Alarm
- Electronic damping control (early reports had this as an option but the brochure indicates its standard).
- Logic 7 stereo
- iDrive
- USB, bluetooth, auxin
- M branded seats with better support
- Novillo leather

- 19" forged wheels $3800
- high end audio $1900
- Extended leather
- Ski bag

What I can't find is:
- Adaptive cruise control
- comfort windscreen

When comparing prices/options with a 335 also remember the M3 has:
- regenerative power from the brakes, so no load from an alternator
- Better quality leather
- purpose built suspension
- Better wheels and no run flats!
- No risk to warranty with mods (eg. procede)
- Better styling

Now I have to sell my E39 M5 and wait....