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My 2 cents...

I was looking at trading in my X5 for the Ford GT 500. Here is what I learned along the way.

1) forget about BMW. If you go looking at the Ford with "BMW" on the brain, you will loose interest instantly

2) you have to appreciate what "American muscle" means. it's meant to be fun, and give thrills, not really sophistication and prestigue

3) the Ford GT500 brakes become less reliable as they heat up, making it dangerous in any situation

4) the Ford GT500 oil temperature is yellow after the first lap, dang ned RED by the end of the 2nd lap. Something just isn't right with that. Scary even.

5) simply put, it's an engine looking for a chassis ... and I don't think it's found it yet.

6) I doubt the M3 would "murder" it on the track, but because of the Ford flaws, thumbs up to M3

... but as for myself, I'm now leading to the - GASP - beauty in the picture.
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