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Whats the difference between your setup and doug's 190mph run?
That car was using C16 race fuel, larger turbos, larger 4.0 engine, larger cams, and upgraded valve springs and retainers.

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Damn fast. Beautiful drag strip!
It's a private airfield. Check it out here:

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The porsche looked like a civic in the rear window!
I know! LOL
Did you notice how well it launched though?

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So you are using raw E85? Aren't you concerned about severe corrosion in several critical components down the road?
I'm using E85 fuel that I got from a gas station that was on my way to the event. I drove the car 340 miles round trip and was stuck in Atlanta traffic for over an hour. GT-Rs have been using E85 for almost 4 years now without any issues to the fuel system. Most modern fuel systems have no problems with ethanol. Just about all stations now have up to 10% ethanol in their unleaded gas.
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