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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
There hasn't been huge leaps and bounds technologically speaking since the inception of the e92 M3. I don't agree that our cars are outdated. I think the consumer just expects to be "wowed" too often as they grow bored very easily. With the complete redesign of the m3 (M4?) upon us, it's not uncommon for special editions or the like to be produced at the tail-end of a production run. If you're expecting a significantly better redesign, in theory, the upcoming M3(m4) should satisfy that. If it aint broke don't fix it...
That is why I am waiting for an M4 sedan well said.

However funny story, and you know how kids say whatever comes to mind. I gave my 8 year old niece a ride in my M3 about 2 years ago. After the ride we go inside and she proceeds to tell her mom about our trip and how she liked it. She says "it was fast but inside is weird. Its like uncle Jessie's car." e Uncle Jessie has a 4 door Hyundai Sonata LOL! Then tells me, I should have got the Bentley like my mom. "couldnt he afford something nicer?' Damn kids. lol. I hate to think she is kind of right with all the plastic and dated center console. Still gorgeous leather and interior, but hasn't changed really since my 07 335. I only feel its dated cause the 6 and 7 series have become beautiful inside. Cant wait for the M4.
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