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Might be time to start the modding...

My previous car was a 650RWHP 2010 Camaro. I got the M3 because I wanted a totally different experience, and so far I have it..... But now I'm bored.

I never keep a car more than 2 years, 3 at max, so I dont want to spend 10k+ on a supercharger and have things break and pay to fix them, pay to maintain, then lose money on resell (basically my camaro).

I want to do some pretty simple mods. Maybe exhaust for sound with an Xpipe, an underdrive pulley, a tune, and a drop in filter. From my research I've read a tune, xpipe, pulley, and drop in filter should be about $1,600 and 40-45 whp? If I'm wrong correct me. In the Camaro 40 horsepower could be attained for about 400 dollars, so this is a lot to me for what I'm getting. Is it worth it? Do those mods really make a noticeable difference in the car, or will it be cool for 2 weeks and then I'll stop noticing it because it's so subtle? I'm just looking to wake the car up a bit.. In other words, if I do all these mods, I want to get in the car and say "OH MAN THAT MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE THIS IS FUN OKAY. YES."