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Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
For that rim and what you're describing I'd go with 245/40/18's WS70's. Sure you might give up some dry performance, but for those brutal days they'll get you through with no issues. I ran 235/40/18's WS60's last year but will be moving towards WS70's this year 245/40/18. If you ever knew how bad Calgary winters were and me telling you I got through it with no issues, this should definitely be first choice.
its hit or miss in NJ with winters.. but Id rather not get stranded or wreck do to driving on summer tires, plus I feel like since summer tires dont perform well under 40/45 F That I am just waisting the good rubber

245/40/18 it is. I am leaning towards the WS70s.

Plus if we do have a warm/dry winter I can swap back and forth quick I have a compressor/impact wrench in my garage at home plus my boy has a car shop around the block.

anyone ever order tires from ?