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Originally Posted by CCLSVTM3 View Post
IMO, I wouldnt care what the price was as long as it was resonable for my dream car. If the average price of an 2013 GT 500 is 80k, and thats my dream car, I'll pay 80k. Who cares if its a Ford, or a Kia. If thats your dream car then thats your dream car. On the flip side, if my dream car is a GT 500, and the average is 60k, I'm not paying 80k....

About 6 months ago, I got an 2012 SVT Raptor. I looked from northern CA to Arizona. Average was around 60k. I found some for 70k to 75k. There was no way I would pay 70k when average is 60k I ended up getting it for 58k OTD, just keep looking.

I bought my 2012 Raptor this past June. I NEVER had a bigger problem finding a deal on a vehicle like I did with the Raptor. After months and months of searching, emailing, and visiting, I ended up getting it in Virginia. I'm in NY. I was NOT gonna over pay for it no matter what. I got the best trade in offer by far from them as well. I made out like a thief.