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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
^^^WOW! You just pretty much plagiarized a nice portion from your source while writing it as if it's your own summerization by adding a few of your own words. Holy Sh!t!
How very predictable. When shown very damning and irrefutable facts about Obamas feckless record with Congress, try and distract and redirect attention away by using bolder fonts, with exclamation points, and the crazy assertion that I was plagiarising, as if that somehow makes it OK that he can't get anything done. First of all, many of my posts here an in other threads contain content that originated in other articles. This makes it easier for readers to get the point without having to click a link and read thru a big long article. I've never claimed this to be my work (and even if I did, who cares? this isnt a postgraduate thesis submission). This is no different. Think about it, if I really wanted to pass this off as mine, why would I cite the originating newspaper source, and invite the reader to google it for themselves?

Your childish distraction attempt takes nothing away from the facts. His lack of accomplishment, legislatively speaking, represents a new low not seen for decades.

Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
McConnell. Nuff said.
Seriously, 1 old man can single-handedly derail the whole Hope and Change platform by himself?

Obama is like an inexperienced, novice teacher, who cannot control his unruly class, and thus the entire lesson plans go off the rails. "Gee Mr. Principal, there's one bad boy, Mitch McConnell, and he's so disruptive I just dont know what to do, he's ruining it for all the other kids. Sure, I'm the teacher, so ultimately it's my responsiblity to make sure things get done, but I cant do anything about it."

Even Clinton got stuff done with him there, but then he was willing to schmooze. Or, maybe you think McConnell's approach is just purely racist in motivation? If that's the case, then we're all really screwed. I'm no fortune teller, but I'm pretty sure if Obama wins again, he will still be black, so he's gotta overcome that somehow to get anyone to listen to him. (and I mean ANYONE; his budget was defeated in the Senate 99-0, and 414-0 in the house; yes the zero means he couldnt even get his own party to vote for it)

I guess you Democrats are just hoping McConnell's advanced age catches up with him and he dies or something ? Otherwise, what possible explanation can you have to suggest that we are not in for 4 more years of gridlock ? McConnell is very popular, to see him win again is not unreasonable.