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Compensation for innovation?

Compensation for innovation?

I have been attending various lectures and discussion groups since I obtained my EMBA this past January so that I may stay current with modern business practices.
One of the biggest issues on the forefront of helping pull the US and global economy out of its doldrums are innovation and creativity.
However I have noticed, that many of these “gurus” are stating that that a corporation / institution can obtain the same level of innovation and without any monetary compensation.
And I see upper management and upper middle management types eating this up. For as they see it they can have their cake and eat it to. They can have an innovative and creative workforce without the need to tax shareholders.

However I am a capitalist. I work for money not for enjoyment. I work to live not live to work. I also have two public patents and a few classified patents as well as various awards for cost cutting innovation. I would have done NONE OF THIS if it weren’t for that carrot of financial compensation. But that’s just me. And I’m not sure I represent the average worker bee.
What are your thoughts on the issue?