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Originally Posted by adc View Post
Dude, just how much time do you spend looking underneath the car??? Are you the wax & polish kind or the driving kind? I mean, my last worry when that Boss blew my doors off was his undertray.

When Hyunday offers a 10 year power train warranty I wouldn't necessarily brag about the warranty offered by BMW. What's the logical conclusion, that BMW wants you to keep the body for 12 years, but they expect the engine to blow up in 4?
If you live down south then I can understand this logic. However in states that have snowfall, all that salt after just one season, will rust up all the metals in your stang. You will see it, when you take your car in for service, and they lift it up. If ford wants to sell a mustang for 36K (loaded GT), then just swap out the engine, and sell it for 47 (loaded Boss), and even 80K (GT500) respectively, then you have to plate those metals, or even better, cover them up. Even a honda civic was better thought out during it's design.


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