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Originally Posted by fongpi View Post
Has anyone had any experiences with used M3s where everything checks out, low miles, clean title, single owner, and STILL manage to have issues with it? What was the take home lesson learned and how would you have done things differently? Please share your pearls of wisdom!
I think in general, which doesn't apply to many of the people here, most people don't take good care of their vehicles, even the expensive ones like an M3. To most, it's just a fancy appliance that gets you from A to B in style. It's expensive and has a roundel on the hood. If you're the kind of person who likes to wash and wax their baby every few weeks and takes pride in keeping it in great condition, you're going to have some difficulty finding a used car that you can live with.

Depending on how much of a savings you're after or what price point you're trying to hit, the best advice I can give is that you're buying the previous owner as much (or more) than the car itself. How the previous owner treated the M3 during their ownership means a lot. Did it get regular maintenance? Has it seen a lot of time on the track? Is the owner the type to redline it right out of the garage in the morning? Was it damaged and repaired? If it was repaired, was it a quality repair or some cut-rate cheapo job? If it's coming from a dealer or used car lot, you probably won't have any knowledge of the prior owner and may not be able to get a complete history.

Personally, I'd rather have no M3 than an M3 with a questionable past. I don't mean to sound all negative because I'm sure there are really good ones out there. Make sure the one you ultimately choose is one of them, and take as long as necessary to do so.