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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
I never said the Romney campaign was knocking the ball out of the park, far from it. But if he does get elected, he has a pretty low bar to clear to improve congressional progress. Just want to point out to any undecideds reading this, that he doesnt need to be the greatest POTUS ever to be an improvement.
Let me also point out to the undecideds that Romney is a candidate without a core and without a soul politically. He has one of the lowest favorability and highest negative ratings of any recent presidential candidate. People just don't seem to like the guy and they don't think he understands them or cares about them. He is one of the worst presidential candidates ever to run for office, so in the unlikely event he does become president he is not likely to be an improvement over the current president. In fact he is not likely to be as good as the current president because in order to lead effectively people have to like you and people don't like Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney's calling card is is supposed to be his competence. He has yet to display competence in his campaign to be president.

Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
If Obama wins again, then I guess all the Republicans will continue to be wingnuts, and refuse to play nice with Barry. My money is on the bar being set even lower with the next congress if that occurs. Of course none of that will be Obama's fault.
If Obama wins again, which he likely will, more Democrats will likely be swept into office with him. I believe the Republican fever of obstruction will break by necessity. It will have to or Republicans will be blamed for their obstruction and nothing getting done and they will get slaughtered in the mid terms. After the eleciton I see the Republican party taking one of 2 paths:

The party will completely implode and relegate itself to permanent minority party status.

Or the party will be forced to do some serious soul searching, reorganize and come up with new ideas that appeal to demographics beyond Christian Evangelicals and wealthy white men.

A Republican party that is perpetually angry, fearful, and defines itself by being against everything presented by the other side will not win a lot of young voters. A party that is constantly nostalgic for the past is not sustainable either as it tends to alienate a lot of minorities for whom the past was not necessarily a better time than the present. In order to grow and remain viable the party needs to attract more of the very voters they have alienated in this election cycle. That will require a serious overhaul of the party platform.

If by some miracle Romney wins this election the Republican party will put off their inevitable need to change for several more years. Either way stay tuned. Interesting times ahead...