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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
Since you seem to be a Washington insider yourself, tell us all what critical dealings Obama is losing ground on by choosing to spend a few evenings with his family?
I am no Washington insider, nor have I claimed to be. I quote the opinions of those who actually are, as their take means more than yours and mine.

What dealings has Obama lost ground on ? How productive has congress been lately? What has been passed?

According to the Chicago Tribune (Obama's hometown paper), the 112th congress is the least productive in YEARS, in terms of votes taken, bills made into laws, nominees approved. This even underperformed the "do-nothing congress" of 1948, as Harry Truman dubbed it. Even the volatile hot-tempered era during the Clinton impeachment hearings saw more bills become law, but then he was willing to play the game while dealing with his other problems (and helping to raise Chelsea). Washington Post says it's not yet half as productive as the next least productive congress, thats how bad it is.

I'd post actual links, but last time I did that, you got all bent out of joint about my links being all over the place. I'm sure readers here are clever enough to google it if they want, especially since I've given the source names.

I never said the Romney campaign was knocking the ball out of the park, far from it. But if he does get elected, he has a pretty low bar to clear to improve congressional progress. Just want to point out to any undecideds reading this, that he doesnt need to be the greatest POTUS ever to be an improvement.

If Obama wins again, then I guess all the Republicans will continue to be wingnuts, and refuse to play nice with Barry. My money is on the bar being set even lower with the next congress if that occurs. Of course none of that will be Obama's fault.