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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
So what is it? Jay Z donated. Isn't that better than not donating at all???
If the recipient was a CHARITY, then yes that is better than not at all. Say JayZ decided to dump a millions towards the Cancer Society. That could then lead to research to help all those affected, whether they are rich or poor, democrat or republican, black or white, business owner or union member. A tumor knows no politics, and the treatment to kill it would be the same for Obama as it would be for Romney.

Even if Jay Z did so only to appear more generous and win over folks like me, or his accountant told him he needed more deductions, then I would say that while the deed may not substantially change my mind about him, I am geniunely glad he did so. Better to have those extra millions in the labs than not, regardless of the true motivations/values or hidden agenda of the donor. Maybe he does so already. If so, I hope that continues.

Just because a political contribution gets you a tax deduction, does not make it a CHARITY. You also get deductions for mortgage interest too, but cutting a monthly check to Bank of America is hardly a charitable donation.

Lest you think this is a partisan distinction, even those who contribute to Romneys campaign, I would not call that a charitable donation either.