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Originally Posted by alynM3 View Post
Haha, I just looked back at page one and some of the people on the list dont even have their cars anymore... lol.

Anybody care to give an update as to who's coming still?

Sounds like some people may be bailing...
Here are the people that have been in contact with me this week that are coming with us from LA

1. Giggs
2. SupercarAce
3. Mr. C + TheShoeMaster
4. AlynM3
5. Bsciciliano
7. Tom @ EAS

I know a lot more people have said they are going but I didn't add them to the list above because I haven't heard from them in a few weeks. I'm expecting 25-30+ cars coming out with us this weekend. 7 cars or 70 cars its still a damn good time either way
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