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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
If you have a car produced 9/2010 or later, you can buy the (currently available but a bit backordered) Lightning to USB cable and just use that for audio. If you currently use a Y-cable, yes you have to wait for the adapter, which as THE TECH mentioned has availability listed as "October". But you can pre-order now. And if you want an interim solution, you MIGHT be able to use a standard Lightning to USB cable plus a standard headphone cable running from the iPhone's headphone jack to the car's AUX In. However, that won't sound quite as good because you'd then be piping amped audio rather than line-level audio into the stereo.

It will. The media messed this up big time because the original product description on Apple's site said "iPod Out not supported", which some press morons took to mean analog audio or external playback controls, when in fact it's the interface that BMW calls PlugIn. Both analog audio and external playback control will work just fine, and in fact the product description page has since been revised to remove the iPod Out note and just say "Video output not supported" instead, and it also explicitly says "Enables analog audio". You can see it right there on Apple's site.

But even if it weren't actually stated there, I figured the adapters had to have a built-in DAC to enable analog audio anyway. In addition to the fact that NOT supporting that function would make these adapters useless to practically everyone, why else would these two Lightning adapters be $10 and $20 MORE expensive than an entire Lightning cable? That alone suggested to me that these adapters were packing a bit more than a set of pin remaps.
My car is Nov 2008 so I have the Y cable. Will wait for the adapter. Thanks a ton man for your help! Appreciate it!