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Originally Posted by mkiv808 View Post
Beautiful car but you may wind up keeping it at that price. Good luck either way, very tasteful E46!
If it means I keep it, I am more than okay with that haha. I still love the car!

Originally Posted by indohan View Post
Your passion towards the car should be good enough reason why buyers should buy from you.
My advise is: keep it; it's pretty obvious that you value your N/A car almost as much as how others value a used E9x M3.

Nonetheless, GLWS!
Thank you and I agree. It's hard for me to post the car for sale on other forums since I don't post as much as I do like on m3forum. Over the years, people have gotten to know me and the car very well and the true passion I take in caring for the car. I wish others could see that other than just the one forum. I appreciate the kind words. I really wouldn't mind keeping it, so it's not a big deal if it doesn't sell. If I was able to keep it and get an e90 m3, then I would most certainly do that. However, that is not something I can do at the moment due to a recent home purchase.