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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
OK, lets take a look at Obama's good buddy, Jay-Z. Net worth is more then DOUBLE what Romney has acquired.
Jay Z is a private citizen who created an actual product, unlike Rmoney. JayZ has no need to deny he's greedy. For there is no burden on him to identify with the common man, as his excessive wealth is synonymous with his music/lifestyle. That's his brand. So WTF are you trying to convey here? Jayz is not the governor of Massachusetts or a presidential candidate. He's not paid by the tax-payer's dollar.

Jay-Z began his "career" dealing drugs. That's not slanderous rumour, he freely admits it. Even relishes in it, as it boosts his rapper street cred. That's the kind of example the president wants the kids today to admire. So, that's OK, and it's appropriate for someone occupying a distinguished office such as POTUS, to hang out with and accept money from folks like that, and yet Romney, who did not acquire his wealth by illegal activities such as dealing drugs, it's not OK for him to buy his wife a couple of American-made cars ?

I have to say, you really apply a very fascinating double standard to almost everything. If person A does something, that's bad. If person B does the same thing (or even worse), thats fine, as long as their personal value system which led them to that same decision is different, or they are not acting "out of character".
Yes. Jay Z began his career as a small-time local drug dealer and he makes no excuses for it. His life story is on platinum selling records. But again, American's are not turning to Jay Z to decrease the deficit or create jobs and turn around the housing market, genius! That said, What about Robert Lichfield and Kem Gardner, the right-hand men of your boy, Rmoney? Hardly is Jay Z Obama's right hand man but the mannerisms black men display when in company with each other would suggest otherwise through the eyes of a paranoid , bitter, "conservative" , blowhard like you. Your only leverage to attack Obama right now is to use his association with a popular rapper. You show fake outrage about a former small-time crack dealer's image to our children , yet you are the same hypocritical nutjob who cheers when a foreign national is assassinated at the whim of our military... Or when war wages against people of different religions and 18 y/o American KIDS with gov't-issued rifles die as a result. Don't give me this crap about our kids! They have far more to worry about than a former Marcy Projects crack dealer turned rapper.

I think you are right about one thing; we're going to have to accept an impasse. I personally judge folks on the outcome of their actions, not on the "values" that they embody during their daily lives. If someone donates lots to a charity, even if they do so out of purely selfish reasons (to make themselves look better), isnt that better than not donating at all ?
WOW!!!!!! Wait, you just hammered Obama for being associated with a former crack dealer who was simply helping at a fundraiser. How is what you said above any different? WOW!!!!

If you cannot see that your self interest in choosing to own a car that costs more than the sum of DECADES of annual income for billions around the world, does not paint you as devoid of greed, then I am quite certain of 1 thing: nothing that I or any other posters on this board can say will change your mind. I'd have better luck trying to convince the Pope there is no God.
Me acquiring a BMW, regardless of its price, couldn't be further from the act of greed. Ambition that is neither harmful or hurtful to oneself or others is not greed. No one gets up in the morning and says to themselves, "How can I do worse today". But, there are greedy people who get up in the morning andlook for ways to exploit others to get what they want. That's greed.