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I just want to add two points for the install or for troubleshoooting after install:

1. Ensure that the Sway bar brackets that attach to the damper are tight enough. It should be tightened to ensure that the sway bar link has no excess clearance when fully assembled. If there is clearance, the link will move laterally along the bolt and cause a "clunking or knocking" noise over any bump even as small as an expansion joint. It will sound like something is loose in the front end. This could be mis-diagnosed for a worn link(s) as the sway bar link assembly will seem like it has play coming from the link area when the vehicle is off the hoist and in ground position (provided the sway bar has not been adjusted for preload).

2. Watch the rear headlight self leveling assembly arm orientation on removal and ensure that the orientation is duplicated on install. If it is installed incorrectly your headlights will aim high. There are lots of posts on this elsewhere on the forum.

If the kit is installed correctly, it does not produce any noise and you should not be blinding anyone with your headlights while driving. It seems like there are a number of areas that are suseptable to poor install and consequently poor performance in the vehicle.

If the kit is installed correctly, it peforms well.