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Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
Have you ever heard of ambition and hard work? Neither of which have anything to do with greed. For you to psycho analyze what motivates anyone just goes to show how ignorant you really are. In a capitalistic society, some people make it and some don't, but I guess by your logic the ones that make it are just the "greedy" ones.

But like most things in life everything is relative.... What I find most ironic is, you have the means to acquire a $65k+ BMW M3 (not to mention any other cars you might own or your net worth) yet you stand on your soap box preaching to the masses about your vision of greed. All good intentions aside, by any measure many would assume your lifestyle is also one fueled by greed.

The nonsense that comes out of your mouth is just mind-numbing.

How did Rmoney acquire his wealth? How about you answer that question yourself since you think driving a BMW equates to accumulating $200 million. There are some really brilliant people on this forum. Any man who earns money at the expense of another human-being's misfortune, IS GREEDY! What product did Rmoney create other than money?

I find it puzzling you would be defending a man who doesn't even represent anything you can remotely achieve. Are you another phony ass Joe-the-Plumber assuming you're a part of the elite class by default while you too suffer like the rest of the American people?