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Not surprised you didn't win. Now you learned your lesson the hard way like I did. NEVER take your own stuff to get installed at a shop you are not familiar with, because they don't have to stand behind the product you brought in (new or used) to get installed. I brought in a brand new set of tires to get mounted and balanced at a nearby shop, my car was shaking at every speed to the point where it felt like a 9.0 earthquake. Went back in since they offer lifetime balancing and they ended up blaming it on the tires of course. I went to a shop down the road and they balanced them correctly, my car felt smoother than Sara's butt went back to the original shop demanding my money back, of course I wasn't getting it back but I put on a show there lol and I also left horrible reviews on that location.

Just sucks you can't trust any shop.