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Does not surprise me, most places know very few will ever take it to level you did and if someone does the usually outcome will be similar to yours. Company and Stores know this and have no problem give you the run around until you go away.

I am just surprises by how many places do not stand behind their work and will do exactly this.

Here is Midas story for you all,

A guy that worked for me bought a used BMW M-coupe if you all remember them. Took it to Midas to have brakes put on, they told him they could not do it that day since they needed to get parts and could he just leave it over night. He agreed.

The next day gets a call telling him the car was in an accident. At this point the stories started, first they claim they were test driving it and something on the car failed (the brake) which cause the guy to loose control. Turns out the manager decide to drive it home the previous night and wrecked it on the way to work the next morning. Claims an animal jump out in front of him. Witness comes forward and saw him driving at a very high rate of speed right before the accident and almost hit the witness.

After all the stories, Midas insurance agree to fix the car the cars goes in to be repaired, at a non-BMW dealer Insurance decision, months later car is "fix" but was not working well. Takes it to BWM and they would not touch the car, they said the car was outside BMW specification and was not safe to drive. Fought with his insurance to total car, finally happens but for less than what car was really worth.

Sues Midas for loss of car and value difference in what insurance paid out. Went to court lost since Midas claims the guy gave permission to drive car. Remember he agree to leave the car over night, but ask that they not leave the car in the lot or on the street. Thus the implied permission to drive it home.

Turns around and now sued the manager who drove the car, Won, because the guy never showed up in court since Midas fired him and would not provide him legal support.

This all took over a year to get settle, Midas drags their feet every step of the way.

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