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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
If I was a gambling man, I would put my money on 57K base. 60 and over doesnt make any sense to me with cars like Porsche and Benz in that rare 70-80K air.

So that being said, 57K base and 65-67K nicely equiped....

I agree, and the idea that BMW will miss 50% of it's sales goals is ludicrous-
(course if we enter into a recession from this mortgage lending mess I may have to recant this).

67k should cover most of the good options and if you want EVERYTHING then "yeah" you might be looking at 70k or a little more.

But BMW knows most buyers will not option out there cars to 100%. I cannot tell you how many E46 M3's I see with no Nav......

Also, when the E46 M3 came out many people were paying 10-15k over sticker for them and I would be willing to bet this "M" will see at least 10k being asked over MSRP as well.

Why would people pay 10-20K over sticker for a Bimmer when they could have a Porsche? I don't know. But for now the "M3" badge is still a very hot item and at least here in California Porsche's are exceedingly common.

That being said, now that we are gitting into 4th gen "M" models, better and better competitors, and as their numbers increase I do believe that they will not be able to command over sticker premiums forever, IMHO......