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Originally Posted by FifthStreetz View Post
i wonder if BMW employees people to go around forums and do recon work to check out how their market feels about options/price/etc. Hopefully someone is reading these threads and reporting back to Munich about our detest for the high pricing.
Good point, I'm sure they do. But my feling is that they view us as hard core buyers and it seems like they are targeting a new market segment with the E92. Basically what Porsche has done with Tiptronic 911s. It's very common to see 50 year old something ladies driving Porsches up and down the streets of a lot of wealthier parts of the country. BMW wants a piece of that pie and who can blame them?
The 135i is a damn good deal with the potential of becoming one of the best "pocket rocket" cars ever to satisfy the younger crowd, and the 335i gives another option to E92 for less than $20K. So they are doing their home work.