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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
Awesome! I saw a white one a few months ago here at a local car show. Even idling and driving at 15mph it sounded amazing.

The drive-by: I'm surprised you're allowed to stand that close to the Armco on that straight.
Amazing machine for sure.

Pretty close to the action I suppose.. For as long as I've gone to Gingerman I've stood there to have a look at cars coming down the straight, and regularly see spectators right along the armco. There's an observation/flag tower immediately to the right of where I was standing as well. Risky I suppose, but couldn't get close enough to that sound.

Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
Awesome, definitely a future collector's item. Wonder how many will be left after a few years of track duty for (it seems) many of them? Might be the owner is more used to front engine/rear drive cars? 911's generally will push if you try to bring too much speed into the corner with you, have to get your turning done with the fronts loaded because with the throttle applied there's about half a shih-tzu's worth of weight on the front tires. Necessary evil to have stability in high speed stuff with the engine hanging out there behind the wing...
I respect the guy immensely for using the car as intended. I presume that they will hold up well to track duty (right?), but I will say that at the conclusion of our session it was lighting up with coolant and brake warnings.

Regarding cornering I think you're probably right. He was carrying a lot of speed VERY DEEP into the brake zone as described, which probably didn't give the car enough time to get settled, restore balance and load the front tires before turn in.

Originally Posted by RLDZHAO View Post
Nice! Hope to meet you on the race track one of these days!

What was the 4.0's lap times?
Definitely! Season's coming to a close up here man (welcome to the midwest), but hope to run into you next year.

I clocked the 4.0 once at 1:46.3 -- appeared to be a hot lap, but he may have had faster. I know that an R8 V10 on PSS set his best time ever yesterday at 1:46.3.

Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
Nice! Love that car, especially in black!
Definitely! Before yesterday I thought it was only available in white.
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