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Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
What is an elevator speech... never heard that one before. Then again I guess it all depends on the field you are going into.
Imagine you step on to the elevator with someone you would like to do business with. What would you say in around 30 sec to make yourself memorable and let your intentions be known.

I had a class where it was an exam grade to deliver a proper elevator speech to the class, SO many people froze up. If you can deliver confidently and knowledgeably you're doing well.

If you get to the interview stage, pour over every bit of company history and info past, future, and present you can get your hands on. Know stock trend (if a large company) and why, as well as problems they are having.

I walked into an interview for a company on the day their quarterly earnings came out. stock went up, and i got to congratulate my interviewer (who had shares) on his gains.