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Thanks for the encouraging and funny comments. Sadly the defendants refused to be on the show, so there went my potential celebrity status.

My serious court date was actually today. The result was that the judge dismissed the case entirely. In hopes of some of you getting a better feel of how the world works nowadays, I'll try to describe what has happened.

I had 2 sets of rims and tires, both mounted on each set of rims. One set was my winter set, one was my newly acquired set of 157s with tires in very bad condition.

Winter set: Dunlop Winter Sport 3D (9/32" tread) on ASA JH3 17x7.5 ET20 w/ TPMS

The winter set worked perfectly fine this past winter. One complaint, if I really insist, was that the right front tire would rub slightly on the oil cooler cover screw inside the wheel well when I turned the steering fully to the left. Well, I had ET20, so I thought getting the set of 157s (ET34) would mediate that problem, in addition to looking good and being strong.

I dropped off these two sets at a local Midas shop the other day. All they had to do were: take the bad tires off of 157s; unmount the snow tires off of ASA wheels; then mount the snow tires on to the 157s - pretty simple. I even paid extra for the "additional labor" required to take the bad tires off.

They called me two hours later, saying that "there is a bubble on each of the two right side tires" AFTER mounting on to the 157s. Of course, they denied their wrong doings. (BTW, one of the tires eventually punctured completely.)

Fast-forwarding to this morning in the court, what I had asked for was very reasonable IMHO: I asked for the pro-rated value of the two tires with regard to their existing tread depth 9/32", and for the service fee that they charged me for only two of the messed up tires.

As a plaintiff, I carefully explained how things had progressed to the judge. Funny enough, the defendant actualy admitted that the bubbles had appeared through their installation process. Well, at this point, I thought "the hard part is over."

Not exactly. Defendant said that the tires were used tires, and the bubbles could have been caused by wear and tear of driving before they worked on them, and didn't really "show up" until they took them off and put them back on. I interjected his argument and showed the pictures of every single tire's before and after, clearly proving that there were no such damage before their service. (Those who know me will not hesitate to say that I am one of the most anal perfectionist when it comes to anything about my car - so I KNOW that the original set was a perfectly fine working set.)

The judge said, in these exact words, "you have no business bringing used tires to their shop and expect nothing will go wrong. Case dismissed."

Fellow car enthusiasts, need I describe what I felt at that moment? Do I really need to explain to you guys how... fuck it. I was, and I still am in a loss for words.

I don't mean to say that couple hundred bucks is nothing to me or anthing, but I decided to take this case on, not for some measily 500-some bucks, but for the principle of getting things right. I could not stand how some service providers do this type of shit work and not stand up for their honest mistakes. My original intent was to efficiently save money by puzzling around with my currently-possessed items, but it completely backfired and costed me the ENTIRE four tires' service fee in addition to the loss of my two (expensive) tires. For what? All due to their lack of competence in their own profession, if that's even a valid term here.

I really felt that when it comes to technical knowledge, judges may not necessarily be the best people to depend on getting the right things done. If you'll allow me to advise - please just go to the best and most-renouned shop to get ANY work done, even the basic stuff; save yourself the all this potential claustrofuck.

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