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Originally Posted by VMcV3y View Post
Now that I've used this for a couple of days, a comment about the functionality:

c) However (and the point of this posting), when the driver is using the technique of (b) above, and the mail icon shows on iDrive, the safety factor takes a figurative drive off a cliff. On the iDrive controller, typically, the driver must press the Menu button once, then rotate to "Office," then push left to get the three menus, then select "Current Messages," then wait for the refresh filter to apply, then press down on the iDrive controller -- or scroll to a particular new message -- to pull up the actual message. That's at least five physical motions with the iDrive controller.... and, frankly, with an iPhone in my belt-clip, I can unlock it, click "Messages" app, and usually see the most current message. It's faster for me to use the iPhone, and, I would argue, safer.
I think what BMW would actually want you to do is use voice commands to navigate to the msg versus use the iDrive, so you never take your hands off the road. My car is on a boat, but during ED they showed me calling, navigating, etc all through voice commands, so I think that is probably what BMW would ideally like for users to do.

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