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Hey guys, some update on the status of the splitter group buy.

From Ohh_5H1T's observation with the sample unit we shipped him, it is quite evident that the fitment of the splitter is quite poor. And as a result, we have decided to drop this supplier for the splitter, and refunded everyone that participated in the group buy.

Evidently, from the response on this thread as well as the PMs we’ve been getting, we know there are quite a few of members within the community that are looking for a pair of the carbon fiber BMW Performance style splitter, and are really eager to get the group buy happen for this product.

So now we are back on drawing board finding a vendor with good quality products we can work with.

If you guys have any feedback or experience with any vendors that carry the carbon fiber diffuser, please feel free to let us know about it. And we can try to get the group buy negotiation started.