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Originally Posted by Robz26 View Post
+1. Seems especially painful, as the extra cargo space and access to items stored in the trunk with the top-down would be amazing.
Well, technically you can access items via the (optional, to the best of my knowledge, though possible standard on all US cars) pass-thru. If you have the ski bag there (which comes with the cold weather package) feel free to remove it if you never use it. That's what I did and now I can reach (or crawl if I am feeling particularly adventurous) right into the trunk with the rear seat folded down.

It is true that you don't get the same expanse of unobstructed space you would in an E90 or E92 with the seat down, but it is still very useful for transporting a large item, or reaching in to get a piece of luggage when the top is down, or for quickly hiding illegals when crossing into the states (kidding, just kidding on that last one).
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