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thanks for Posting, that video made me laugh and cheered me up!

Originally Posted by Mo_power View Post
i feel like this is how every couple is when the guy finds a fun road in a BMW...
not every couple but most normal couple... including mine

Originally Posted by Mako View Post
I can confirm that.
Mine yells as soon as i am above 75mph ... i just like to tease her sometimes.
but i love her dearly.

Originally Posted by e92_m3 View Post
Very nice vid!

You'll probably want to stop the video and see the wifey/gf/significant other after seeing 8:01 play over and over. Hehehehehe. LOL!

Thanks for sharing.
Yup ! and contrarily to some of you who think Augusto's wife had a weird voice or was annoying or else... i just think you guys can't appreciate your other half enough, or dont have the patience to accept her.
People have different limits and understanding on cars...

it's fun enough for Augusto to share his passion with his wife, to show her a little bit of what he does...

Sweeet Sweet wife that Augusto has got!
Ok now i am off to go kiss my to-be-wifey

Originally Posted by P1et View Post
I felt it was a little fake on the lady's part. Still a cute video.
No she was not faking it... having a gf/fiancee who react like that every time i anywhere above 75mph... it was a pleasure to see that i am not the only one to hear those screams... it happens to the professionals too