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Originally Posted by MysticBlue View Post
Why is this misinformation repeated over and over?
The electronic limiter is not 155. It's 161.
Not a big deal, but it just irritates me because I've seen it over and over for the past 4 years.
Everyone, say it with me.....One Sixty One.
I know it's true. It's been discussed. It's been written about in car magazines. It's in most test drive article statistics. Oh, and Sapper, above, just did it. I've confirmed it myself (before mods) with two different GPS units. Still accelerating, gently, up to and briefly 162, then gently it backed off and said 161, then 160, then 161, then 162, back to 161, etc. I spent probably 30 seconds there while it oscillated between 162 and 160, all the while the pedal was pressed to the floor. I've done this a couple different times. Speedo was reading somewhere just above 170.
The factory says 155. To bad i was tuned so shortly after I got my car that I never ran into the limiter.
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