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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
Our M3's are getting pretty dated.

Im not sure how many more of these lame special edition M3's I can take that just have wheels and paint options. Until a special M3 comes out with a significantly better suspension or "track package," they have reviewed the crap out of the M3. Almost every car in this test is an all out revision or signification improvement on its former model. R8->R8GT 135->1M. Corvette with Sport Cups and Carbon Ceramics etc. I dont think I'd even want to find out where the M3 came in place in this test with the 458 lol
There hasn't been huge leaps and bounds technologically speaking since the inception of the e92 M3. I don't agree that our cars are outdated. I think the consumer just expects to be "wowed" too often as they grow bored very easily. With the complete redesign of the m3 (M4?) upon us, it's not uncommon for special editions or the like to be produced at the tail-end of a production run. If you're expecting a significantly better redesign, in theory, the upcoming M3(m4) should satisfy that. If it aint broke don't fix it...