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Originally Posted by Onurleft View Post
For reference the M3 either placed 2nd or 3rd the year it was there. It was a none comp package car and it ran a 1:42:9.

The Boss that ran was a Laguna Seca (where they did the finalized suspension tuning) with an X brace for rear seats and was in the 41 area. Laguna also rewards power.
M3 340/260 rwhp/tq
Boss 400/390

The problem with the 1M is the power falls on it's face past 6000rpm and it's also nowhere near as responsive as an M3. Also, the 1M has a high roof line so the weight is higher then it needs to be for it's size.
Times at Laguna Seca as follows:

Boss 302---------------1:40.21
Boss 302 LS------------1:39.50

At a guess, the M3 with Comp package would be quicker, but still in the 1:42s.

For me, the interesting part is that the Boss 302 LS isn't even quicker than that, given the track-ready components and extra cost over the base car. The old rule of thumb is that DOT-legal track sneakers tend to be about a second a minute quicker over high-performance street rubber, but obviously not true in this case.

As to 1M vs M3, there's no question the M3 is the better overall car on track, but throttle responsiveness is clearly not an issue at all on track (just ask Audi - or me ), and why on earth would power falling off after 6000 rpm be in any way an issue at all?