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Originally Posted by M Pulse View Post
The part about your wrist hanging on the steering wheel is correct, but your arms should not be fully extended... unless you're a gangsta from the 90's.


For DD you can reset the steering column all the way back and position your seat comfortably but I would never suggest that you are far enough that your arms are fully extended. You need to be prepared to react to an emergency situation and if your arms are fully extended you risk losing proper grip of the steering wheel during emergency steering.
I think you're misunderstanding what people are saying about having the wrist overhang the top of the wheel with arms fully extended. This is a check to make sure that when driving, the arms are NEVER fully extended. If at full extension, your wrist overhangs the top of the wheel, your arm will be bent when gripping the wheel at all times. No one is suggesting driving with the arm fully extended at any point.

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