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Originally Posted by Veegie View Post
That is correct.
The physics, disregarding small factors like rolling resistance at top speed:
Assuming the following:
  • 340whp
  • 2.17m frontal area
  • 0.31m drag coefficient
  • 1.219kg air density
  • Optimal gearing
  • Flat surface
... you could achieve a theoretical 190.58mph.

If you have other figures you'd want me to throw in there, I'd be happy to do it. The math is really straight forward, I just coded a simple program to handle it for me to avoid manual-data entry.
Very nice, smart man.

Originally Posted by HotIce View Post
Your brain, I want it.
hahah +1

Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
I've hit close to 187 in my car via gps, but this is the fastest I have a picture of (taken by my passenger of course):

This was probably around 170mph given how inaccurate the speedo is on top.
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