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Originally Posted by KmndntKlink View Post
I'd say so, but if you're catless you won't be passing emissions so don't you have to reinstall your cats anyway?

On warranty ramifications, I don't think it would matter. Exhaust shouldn't cause problems in other systems, just increase emissions. I think its safer to just flash back, it takes 5 minutes apparently. If you have your stock pipes, I'd flash back and put em back on so they don't have reason to dig further and possibly try and wrangle their way out of the warranty coverage. To me catless is great source for power gains, but not worth the hastle tbh, unless its a track only/ autox you want.

Oh I'm not referring to passing emissions testing.. I don't have to worry about that. I have the Dinan X pipe... and the power is very substantial, especially when paired with the tune.

I meant if you went to the dealer with no check engine light on and a clearly catless vehicle, it would likely raise suspicion and lead to them perhaps flagging your car.