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CampioniShop | IPE Innotech F1 Valvetronic Exhaust

CampioniShop is proud to offer the IPE Innotech F1 Valvetronic Exhaust systems.

About Us

CampioniShop is a project that started out in 2006 and finally matured into the company it is today. It took 4 long years of technology development to finally achieve the user-friendly website that is CampioniShop today. Our main objectives are to offer the most user-friendly shopping experience in the European Luxury Automotive parts industry, a wide and exclusive selection of quality products and customer service tailored to your needs. We have a long standing reputation in various Porsche and BMW forums for utmost service.

The initial foundation to CampioniShop is RemusExhaustShop/RemusExhaustStore. Launched in 2006, RemusExhaustShop quickly grew into the best REMUS USA retailer. While the company is still a financial success today, the initial founders were not happy with the technology, nor the user friendlyness of the website and quickly got to work into developing CampioniShop on a new and improved structure. In constant evolution, CampioniShop will offer improved online shopping methods, increase its marketing effort across various social networks and forums, and develop its product offering to tailor your car customization.

About IPE Innotech performance exhausts

All exhaust by using Valvetronic technology. Valvetronic technology is designed to change sound and back pressure, a unique mechanical valve has been designed by the IPE R&D team. IPE also designed an electronic controller to control the valve automatically by using engine rpm and fuel pedal signal. furthermore, the muffler internals were individually adapted and tuned for each different type in order to use Valvetronic technology. Each product is unique sound and performance into another level for the exhaust industry.

Remotely controlled valvetronic mufflers
3 valve modes: auto, opened, closed.
Made from T304 stainless steel
Performance tested
CAD designed
CNC machined
Made in taiwan
3 years warranty

E90 & E92 kits are available. Your choice of regular or F1 sound. We can offer extremely competitive pricing on these systems, due to our great relationship with IPE.

PM, email, or call us now for pricing!