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Originally Posted by positiveions View Post
Julie, did you get your wheels from PYSpeed?
Yes, they are awesome! They look just like the ZCP wheels, except a little more aggressive offset for the front wheels.

I'm going to LUUUUV changing into my winter set... for once!

Originally Posted by TheDeliverator View Post
Sitting in the lounge...

at the Welt...

'bout 15 minutes 'til she hits the floor...


Pics later
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WOW, how cool!!

Originally Posted by GeoffM View Post
finally Just picked mine up Thursday evening. I'll get some pictures up soon. Needs a good detail and some light tint first!

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Originally Posted by NoM3ForMe View Post
I couldn't agree more!! I picked up my kids from school in it, and all they could say was, "DRIVE FASTER DADDY!" I got it up to 120 on the freeway, because I am 5 years old :P

I absolutely love the fact that when you start the car, the noise is so uninspiring; and then when you warm her up and get on the gas, she ROARS to life! I will never forget the sound of 8300 RPM...
Ah ha! Test driving it huh? The addiction begins........

Originally Posted by PrimoM3 View Post
Picked up my Individual Frozen Brilliant White coupe last Friday... currently enjoying Nice, France so just a quick posting. I'll follow up with more details and photos once I'm back from Euro Delivery.

Absolutely in love.

View from above:

My Delivery Specialist, Michael, opening the door:

My first look from the front:
Oh my! Brilliant White is INCREDIBLE!! Is that a matte finish??
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