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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
-Owning a car of a certain brand does not define greed.
Nope, owning a certain brand does not define greed. Owning a model of car, of any brand, where the cost increase over dependable, safe transportation, is enough to provide a meal for over 100,000 starving children ($1 = 4 meals), that is greed.

This material excess becomes even more egregious when one considers that the performance benefits conferred by this financial premium cannot really be legally enjoyed on any street in the country.

Yes, you are greedy. Like I said, nothing wrong with that. Sorry to "out" you buddy, welcome to the club. I'll save you a seat at the next annual meeting. Remember, if it wasn't for greed, a car like the M3 would probably not exist. Think about that the next time you take that S65 up to the redline.

Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
Clearly you're off your meds because you're making very little sense AGAIN.
Yeah, sorry about the meds, I was so consumed with inner torment that I forgot again. Prevents me from coming up with such intellectual gems such as the premise that commies hate unions.