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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
So, you rely on public transportation or do you ride a fuel-efficient donkey to work, Mr. Modest? You don't know how foolish you sound right now.
How do you figure that I sound foolish, exactly? There is no inconsistency between my words and my deeds.

I never claimed to be modest myself, that's why I admitted to buying an M car just because I can. I dont take public transit, and if you think I burn a lot of fuel driving to work, I dont even want to tell you how much I consume during a track day. It would feed a Chevy Spark for a week.

I am, by my own definition, greedy, and I agree with the original premise of the video, that being greedy is not inherently bad in every sense of the word. I think you are greedy too. While I may fault you for your hypocrisy, I see nothing wrong with you being greedy.