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Blaming the unrest solely on one absurd video is nonsense. This video is a red herring. There is so much stuff on the net which is just as inflammatory, if not more in some cases. It (the video) just happens to be the latest.

Folks are using it as an excuse to once again blame the west and America for their current situation. Look, people cast dispersions on Christianity and Judaism all the time. I don't see either religious group or its followers rioting in the streets. We are free in this country, thank heavens, to speak out against Islam or any other religion if we feel the need to.

Instead of blaming America and the west in general for their current situation. Maybe they should look at their own leaders. You know, the ones that are fabulously wealthy while their citizens drown in unemployment and poverty.

If they are so incensed by the video, then maybe they should analyze why they feel that way, or why so many people on this planet have a negative view of Islam. I keep hearing that Islam is a religion of peace. Sorry folks, but I see the opposite.

Oh, I'm sure there are moderates within Islam who disagree with what is going on. Unfortunately for them, they are being drowned out by a crescendo of violence and intolerence toward anyone who has an opposing view.

Our Middle East policy is a joke and a failure. It has been for years and under multiple presidents. The current unrest over a bloody video is just another reason as to why I loathe organized religion of any sort.

My diatribe is not meant to be anti-Obama or pro-Romney. It's simple, my comments are anti-stupidity. Too much of that to go around folks.
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