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Originally Posted by Spent198 View Post
Your solution...


Why would you even want to use a wire?

Bluetooth audio sounds like crap in every system I've heard. I have it in my Infiniti EX35 and the wired USB connection absolutely blows it away. It could be a function of the car audio implementation per vendor. For example, the Sat Radio in my M3 sounds AWFUL. I can hear compression artifacts and it lacks any real fidelity. It's actually the worse sounding Sat System in any of the 8 cars I've owned. Once my 3 months run out, I won't even keep it even though I have in my other car. It's that bad. The Sat radio sounds remarkably good in my Infiniti (which has a B(L)OSE Audio system no less) though.

Maybe someone will do Bluetooth right, but so far, no one has based on the systems I listened to in the various cars I looked at before going with the M.