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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
BTW, a bartender in Miami, for example, can earn more than a nurse. Go cry in the mirror.
Bottom line: is that a GOOD thing, in your mind ? Do you think society will benefit when kids compare the lifestyle, and decide, "gee, why would I want to study hard, and then end up dealing with shit (literally) once I do find a job, when I can just become a bartender and make more money for less effort".

Is that really an incentive we want to create for the youth ? There's already a shortage of health care workers, and as the population ages, that demand will just increase.

No different than those who just fall into some menial job whose compensation is disproportionate to it's difficulty because of some union. Once again that creates an incentive. Kids start just phoning it in during high school, why pay attention at all when they can end up with a lifestyle just as good as someone who busted their ass. Is that really what we want the kids to be aiming at ?

Maybe that's exactly what the kids in Asia today with a real understanding of what a "work ethic" is are counting on. It will make the final stages of the eventual financial takeover that much easier.